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Rockabilly - Find in this ring sites concerning the music, aura, tattoos, cars, pinups, duds and gear pertinent to rockabilly, alt co

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Manager: genessa
Sites dedicated to rockabilly music and culture. Rockabilly is music which combines elements of hillbilly and rock 'n' roll. Followers of rockabilly music often adopt a life-style which can be called rockabilly culture.

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Mark W. Winchester: Look At That Rooster Rock! - 12/17/2012

If you ever have the privilege to see Mark W. Winchester live, you will see how lets the music explode out of him.  Few can match his energy as he slaps his upright bass.  We caught up with Mark recently to talk about his new album (appropriately titled  Upright ) as well as early influences, time with The Planet Rockers, Brian Setzer and much more! What led you to play the upright? I was led to play upright out of necessity, really. I was trying to form a rockabilly band in college, around '82/'83, but I was playing acoustic guitar and singing. I found Jumpin’ Jimmy Jackson on guitar but we never could find an upright bass player. All the guys that answered our ads were electric players. So, having taken 3 electric bass lessons in the eighth grade, I said, "I'll get an upright and learn to play it". My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) had a friend whose father had an old Kay in pieces in his attic, and he let me h...

Mark W. Winchester: Look At That Rooster Rock!

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